Sen. Leila de Lima, the fiercest critic of the President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has been under tight security for the past few hours after she tempted taking her life.

The reason behind her suicide attempt is not immediately known but security experts have suggested that she might be “running out of shame or possible prosecution” after Duterte said “she would land in jail”. 

Duterte said De Lima would be pinned down by the testimonies of the National Bilibid Prisons (NBP) inmates who accused her of receiving money from drug lords.

“She will be jailed when everybody says, five (witnesses) could say that they contributed money. So on a national scale…who brought in the narco politics? It is here already,” he added. De Lima has been accused of receiving millions of drug money to fund her senatorial campaign when she was justice secretary.
In previous speeches, Duterte said De Lima’s affair with his former driver Ronnie Dayan made her violate the law and grant special privileges to drug lords at the NBP.

(Bhong David).


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